Marking and communicating results


Following this examination, there are a number of steps required to produce candidates' report cards, amounting to a period of about nine weeks.

Correction of the examination

The OIIQ calls on more than 100 different correctors, all retired nurses, to correct the examination booklets of all candidates who wrote the exam. Throughout the process, these correctors will be supervised by nurses who are members of the committees that prepared the exam.

Since the examination contains open-ended questions requiring short answers and multiple-choice questions, the examination booklets must be corrected manually, based on answers determined during question development. All candidates' booklets are corrected at the same time, one question at a time, to ensure uniform correction. All booklets with results close to the passing grade are systematically reviewed (double correction).

Other steps are also required before the results can be sent out:

  • candidates' results are entered from the booklets by a specialized data-entry company;
  • results are compiled;
  • results are analyzed and the report cards are prepared by Université Laval;
  • report cards are printed and mailings are prepared by the OIIQ.

Each step is verified twice.

We notify candidates by e-mail on the day that their results are mailed out.


The results will be mailed about nine weeks after the examination is held. Although this may seem like a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the process is conducted rigorously and is uniform and fair for all candidates.

Only the people who sat the examination will be notified, and only by mail. All results will be mailed on the same day.

If you pass

If you pass the professional examination, you have met one of the conditions for obtaining your permit to practise. However, you must also meet the following conditions:

  • When you filled out the registration form for the professional examination, you had to declare any judicial, disciplinary or penal decision concerning you. If you were found guilty, the OIIQ will study your file to determine whether this offence is connected with the practice of the profession and whether you can be granted a permit.
  • To practise in Quebec, you must have a knowledge of French appropriate to the practice of the profession, in accordance with the Charter of the French Language1, and provide the Order with proof. You meet the requirements of the Charter if you:
    • received, full time, no less than three years of secondary or post-secondary instruction provided in French; or
    • passed the fourth- or fifth-year secondary level examinations in French as the first language; or
    • in or after the 1985-86 school year, obtained a secondary school certificate in Quebec.

If you do not meet any of these conditions, you must take the French-language examinations administered by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF).

A tip from the OIIQ

Don't wait until the last minute, since it will delay the issue of your permit. You can obtain the registration form for the OQLF examination from your educational institution. You have to send the OIIQ a certified copy of the attestation issued by the OQLF.

If you fail

If you fail the professional examination, you are entitled to take it two more times. You must do so within two years of the first examination session after you graduated. You are required to register for the examination every time you are requested to do so.

You can ask the OIIQ to review your examination results within 30 days of the date on which the Order sent them to you. Some fees apply.


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1. Charter of the French Language, art. 35 and 36.