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New for the September 2017 professional examination : multiple-choice questions

Starting in September 2017, the OIIQ professional examination will feature a new question format: multiple-choice questions (MCQ), to be included among the open-ended, short-answer questions in the different situations on the exam. One third of the questions will be multiple-choice questions.

Candidates’ examination preparation strategies remain similar, since this new question format does not change the knowledge and skills that the OIIQ wishes to evaluate in its professional examination. A new complementary document to the 4th edition of the Preparation Guide for the Professional Examination, with additional information, is available. It contains examples of open short-answer questions rewritten in the form of multiple-choice questions. Since these questions are taken from the Guide, you should refer to it to consult the clinical situation to which each question pertains.

» See the complementary document to the Guide on multiple-choice questions

Other exam preparation strategies

  • Contact your educational institution or your employer to find out whether there are exam preparation workshops available.
  • Consolidate your knowledge and hone your clinical judgment. Consult your colleagues and draw on the experience of veteran nurses, asking them about the reasoning they applied to arrive at a specific clinical decision.
  • Apply the stress management methods that helped you during your years of schooling.
  • Plan your preparation for the professional examination using a realistic timetable.
  • Consult the section on the Examination Day to make sure you have all the documents you need on the day of the exam.

Video presentation Multiple-choice questions


This video will help you understand the new question format to be used in the September 2017 examination, i.e. multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

Professional exam: Multiple-choice questions (MCQ)

Let’s talk about the exam presentation

Conference 2016

Video presentation 2015

This presentation, given by Chantal Lemay of the Scientific Department of the OIIQ at the Order’s 2015 Convention, will introduce you to some winning strategies for preparing for the professional examination and answer some common questions on the exam procedure.


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