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Mosaic of Nurses' Clinical Competencies – Initial Competencies

Leprohon, Judith; Lessard, Louise-Marie; Lévesque-Barbès, Hélène and Bellavance, Marjolaine


Code : 240A


Defined from a perspective of labour mobility, the mosaic of nurses’ initial clinical competencies constitutes a reference framework for the competencies required to enter the nursing profession in Quebec. The document also introduces the concept of a mosaic which can be used to represent and define nurses’ clinical competencies at various stages of their professional development. It is a model of nurses’ clinical competence that will be useful to nurses working in various fields of the discipline, including clinical practice, education, management and research. This second edition takes into account the new provisions of the Nurses Act following the coming into effect of Bill 90, as well as the development of the profession.