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Outlook on the Practice of Nursing, 2010 Edition

Lévesque-Barbès, Hélène


This guide begins by outlining the foundations of the practice of nursing, including the underlying beliefs and assumptions. It defines the goal of nursing practice, followed by descriptive statements divided into seven categories: the nurse-client partnership, health promotion, prevention of illness, accidents, social problems and suicide, the therapeutic process, functional rehabilitation, quality of life and professional commitment. Essential criteria relating to clients, nurses and the organization, defined with a view to protecting the public, are presented in the last part of the guide.

This new edition of Outlook on the Practice of Nursing reflects the amendments to the Nurses Act as a result of the Act to amend the Professional Code and other legislative provisions in the field of mental health and human relations.

LANGUE / anglais
PAGES / 28
ISBN / 978-2-89229-500-9