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Scope of medical activities performed by neonatal nurse practitioners

OIIQ et Collège des médecins du Québec


Neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) work only in hospitals where tertiary care in neonatology is provided, where a neonatologist or a pediatrician with neonatal-care privileges also practises. NNPs work with premature or full-term infants with any pathology requiring admittance to neonatal intensive care or intermediate care. The primary medical activities covered in this guide concern neonatal resuscitation and stabilization, prescription of medications and other substances, prescription of diagnostic examinations and use of diagnostic techniques that are invasive or entail risks of injury, prescription of medical treatment and application of invasive medical treatments, consultations, clinical on-call services, and cooperation between the medical resident and the neonatal nurse practitioner.

LANGUE / anglais
PAGES / 20
ISBN / 978-2-89229-506-1