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Self-Study Guide to the Code of Ethics and Other Legal and Ethical Considerations for Quebec Nurses

Leprohon, Judith; Truchon, Sylvie et Roger, Nicole


Produced with the financial support of the Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés culturelles, this Self-Study Guide is designed to support the professional integration of Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN). It will help them understand the links between the Code of Ethics of Nurses and other legal and ethical considerations for nursing practice as well as the role of Quebec nurses, in particular with regard to their professional independence. Given the educational approach used in this guide, which allows for a gradual integration of this knowledge through a variety of role-playing exercises, it may also be useful for Quebec nursing students, to help them learn how to apply this knowledge in their professional practice.

The guide is divided into three sections. The first covers the Code of Ethics of Nurses and looks more specifically at the professional relationship, professional independence and conflicts of interests. The second section deals with other legal considerations, with an emphasis on clients' rights and nurses' professional liability. Lastly, the third section addresses other ethical considerations and takes an overall approach, so that the nurse can take into account the Code of Ethics of Nurses and other legal and ethical considerations when making decisions regarding her professional conduct in different situations.