Details of the examination

When do I have to take the OIIQ professional examination?

Upon completion of your program of study, your educational institution will send the OIIQ your official transcript, indicating that you have successfully completed your program. The OIIQ will then e-mail you the information you need to register for the examination.

How does the OIIQ professional examination differ from the examinations during my studies?

The admission exam for the nursing profession is intended to assess your ability to practise the profession, with the goal of protecting the public. It evaluates not only the knowledge you acquired during your studies, but also your assimilation and your ability to apply this knowledge in various clinical situations similar to those a novice nurse may encounter in her practice.

What does the professional admission exam consist of?

The admission exam for the nursing profession is a written examination, with about 40 clinical situations and 130 to 135 associated open short-answer questions. Each clinical situation is worth 100 marks and the questions are weighted.

As we announced last fall, the OIIQ professional examination will feature a new question format, with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) to be interspersed among the open short-answer questions in the different situations on the exam. About one-third of questions will now be MCQ.

Why do I have to take the OIIQ professional examination?

The professional system in Quebec is overseen by the Office des professions du Québec and, as a professional order, the OIIQ’s mission is to protect the public. The professional examination is one of the main tools that the Order relies on for this purpose. Any candidate for the practice of nursing (CPN) must pass the Order’s admission examination to obtain her permit to practise.