Registering for the Examination

What happens if I do not report for the examination?

Any unjustified failure to sit the examination is considered failure of the examination. So it is important to report for every examination session to which you are invited, unless you can prove that you were prevented because of a health problem, childbirth, death of your father, mother, child or spouse, or unavoidable circumstances. You must provide proof in the form of a medical certificate, a birth certificate or a death certificate, as applicable. If you cite unavoidable circumstances to justify your absence, your situation will be analyzed by the Executive Committee.

Where will I have to sit the examination?

The examination will be given in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.

When you register, you may ask to sit the examination at a specific centre. The final choice of the examination centre where you will be invited to sit the examination is at the Order’s discretion.

When will I receive my confirmation of registration?

About two weeks before the professional examination, once your file has been checked and is complete, you will receive a confirmation of registration with the necessary information : place, date, examination schedule and examination procedure.

When will I receive the information I need to register?

Upon completion of your program of study, your educational institution will send the OIIQ your official transcript, indicating that you have successfully completed your program. The OIIQ will then send you the information you need to register for the examination.

For information on how to register, see the Notification and registration section.