Examination procedure

How much time do I have to take the exam?

The time allotted to take the exam varies depending on the number of questions in each booklet – i.e. 2 min 30 s per question. 

What happens if I forget to bring identification on the day of the exam?

To be allowed into the room for the professional examination, you must show one of the following types of photo identification:

Am I entitled to the same accommodation measures during the OIIQ examination as I receive from my educational institution?

First of all, note that you are allowed to wear earplugs to help you concentrate. If you wish to request accommodation measures, you must do so when registering for the examination. For information on how to do so, see the “Notification and registration” section at Convocation et examen

Starting in September 2017, accommodation measures will be possible in Montréal and Quebec City.

Can I write the examination in French, but still have access to the English version if necessary?

You may raise your hand during the examination and ask an invigilator to show you the wording of a question in the other language. 

What table should I go to in order to register?

If there is more than one table, check the signs above the tables, bearing a sequence of letters corresponding to candidates’ family names on the list (e.g. if your name is Smith, go to the table under the sign reading “Sa to Tz” or "R to Z").

The sequences of letters depend on the number of registration tables and the number of candidates. They vary from one examination site to another.

Can the Order cancel the examination?

The professional examination cannot be cancelled simply because of bad weather or road conditions (a road or bridge suddenly closed), out of respect for other candidates who have paid for travel and accommodation to attend the examination. Under certain circumstances, only the Order can cancel the examination, and it will be cancelled for all candidates. 

What should I do if I can’t get to the examination site (accident, road closure, etc.)?

Note, first of all, that it is impossible to reach the invigilators at the examination site.

We recommend that you document the incident that prevented you from reaching the examination (e.g. accident report, etc.) and contact the Registrar’s office and examinations as soon as possible. You can also consult the OIIQ website Convocation et examen

What can I eat at the lunch break?

We suggest that you bring some food just in case you can’t buy something there. You will be able to buy food at most examination sites. However, you will have a break of just 60 minutes between the two parts of the written examination.

What materials am I allowed to have on my examination table?

Before the examination starts, the OIIQ will issue you all the materials you need for the examination. You may also have a snack and a drink on your examination table. Any other personal effects must be placed at the assigned places. You will be given instructions at the time.

The OIIQ will be taking the necessary steps to avoid any plagiarism or cheating during the examination. Invigilators will be patrolling the examination room at all times. 

How should I dress?

The temperature in the examination room is kept at 22°C, but you may be warmer or colder than usual. It all depends on your level of stress. So we suggest that you dress accordingly.