Can I help correct the next OIIQ examination?

Examination correctors must meet several criteria. In particular, they must be retired nurses. If you would like to see the complete list of selection criteria, write to

Do mistakes in French count?

You will not be penalized for mistakes in French grammar or spelling. However, we do ask that you write clearly so that we can understand your answers.

Do I have to have a pass mark on both booklets?

The pass mark is an overall mark, meaning it takes account of all questions, in both booklets.

Will I automatically lose marks for interventions entered in a therapeutic nursing plan related to my assessment finding if my finding is wrong?

When the examination is being prepared, we pay particular attention to making sure that questions are mutually exclusive. However, the committee members may choose to award marks depending on the clinical relevance of the situation. They may decide to award a mark for both parts of the answer. 

What if I don’t answer a question?

Unanswered questions receive 0 marks.

Are questions ever cancelled?

A question may be cancelled after the correction step, for psychometric reasons. 

How is the examination corrected?

The correction process is very strict, so that we can be sure that all candidates have been fairly evaluated. The expected answers to examination questions are determined ahead of time by the committees of nurses who prepare the examination. Then the examination is corrected by correctors supervised by nurses belonging to the exam development committees. Questions are corrected one at a time, for all candidates, meaning that other answers considered appropriate by the members of the exam development committees can be accepted during the correction process.