Review application

Is there a maximum number of reviews that you can process?

We do not have a limit. All review applications are handled in the same way.

Can you advise me on my chances of passing the examination if I apply for a review?

We cannot make any recommendations regarding review applications. We offer the possibility, but the decision is up to you.

What is the use of applying for a revision if the examinations of candidates whose results were close to the “Pass” mark have already been reviewed?

Even though our initial correction process is very strict, a second review can lead to a different result. The persons who review the examination are not the same as the initial correctors. 

Can I see my copy of the examination if I apply for a review?

Yes, you can ask to consult your examination booklets.  Make this request on your review application form. We will contact you to make an appointment to come to OIIQ Head Office. Examinations are reviewed only in Montreal.

How long does the review process take?

It depends on the number of review applications received. Since we cannot tell how long the process will take, we recommend that you register for the following examination session just the same, so as not to miss the registration deadline. If the review leads to a “Pass” mark on the examination, you can then ask the Registrar’s office and examinations to refund your examination registration fees. 

Is it possible to pass the examination because of a review?

It has happened in the past that candidates received a “Pass” mark after a review. This is a rare occurrence, however. 

How does this review work?

It consists of verifying that all the answers given by the candidate correspond to the expected answers in the corrected version of the examination. The Review Committee members review all the booklets at the same time, after the deadline for receiving review applications. These members are not the same as the initial correctors. 

Can I ask for my examination results to be reviewed?

If you fail the examination, you may ask for your results to be reviewed. You must complete the form for this purpose, attached to your results, and pay the administrative fees required. Your review application and the payment of fees must be received before the deadline indicated on the form.