Application for entry on the Roll

What is entry on the Roll?

A permit alone is not enough to practise nursing. You must also be entered on the Roll of the Order every year and pay your annual assessment. The Roll is the official record of OIIQ members and is updated every year. It is illegal to practise nursing or to use a reserved title without being entered on the Roll, i.e. without being a member in good standing of the Order.

When can I start signing “Nurse” after my name?

You can start signing “Nurse” after your name as soon as you receive confirmation from the OIIQ that your payment of fees for entry on the Roll has been cashed.

Do I have to pay the regular assessment when I am first entered on the OIIQ Roll after passing the professional examination?

For the first time you are entered on the Roll, you pay only 50% of the regular assessment. It must be understood, however, that the annual assessment is a fixed fee that is not calculated pro rata to the days or months worked. 

When and how do I apply for entry on the Roll?

Once the examination results have been released and you have been issued a permit, you must apply for entry on the Roll within 30 days of your nursing permit being issued.

You can apply for entry on the Roll in the reserved section of the OIIQ website, or come in person to OIIQ Head Office.

The “Verification of the right to practise” tool is available at all times for employers wishing to check that you are entered on the Roll.