Means of payment

What should I do if I can’t find the reference number to make my payment by bank transfer?

If ever you forget the reference number you need to make your payment by bank transfer, you can find it easily by going to the reserved section and choosing Annual Notice of Assessment (payment) 2017-2018. Your reference number appears in your Notice of Assessment.  

How do I make a bank transfer?

To transfer funds electronically, go to your financial institution’s website. You will have to add the OIIQ to your bill payees, using the 17-digit reference number shown on your notice of assessment. Note that you will not have to add the OIIQ again for entry on the Roll in coming years. 

Does my financial institution accept payment of my assessment by bank transfer?

The following institutions allow you to pay your assessment by bank transfer:​

  • Desjardins
  • National Bank 
  • BMO Bank of Montreal 
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • TD Canada Trust

Why is it no longer possible to pay by personal cheque?

The administrative management was problematical, as the Order had to deal with unidentified cheques, some postdated after March 31, NSF cheques and so on. Payment by cheque also meant postal delays that were not always taken into account by members. In addition, depending on the financial institution, it could take up to two weeks before the cheque was finally cashed by the Order, complicating members’ entry on the Roll. 

What means of payment are accepted?

Please note that personal cheques are no longer accepted as a means of payment for entry on the Roll. Several other means of payment are possible, however:

Online: credit card and bank transfer.

In person: cash, debit card, certified cheque, personal money order, bank draft, money order or credit card.

By mail: certified cheque, personal money order, bank draft, money order or credit card.

Why are credit cards the only form of payment accepted when I apply for entry on the Roll online, even though you refer to two means of payment (bank transfer and credit card)?

Credit cards are the only means of online payment accepted if:

  • this is the first time you have applied for entry on the Roll;
  • you are returning to practice after a break (e.g., maternity leave, striking off the Roll, etc.).

On the other hand, if you are in either of the above situations and you apply for entry on the Roll in person at OIIQ Head Office, you may use any of the following types of payment:

What is the deadline for applying for entry on the Roll without having to pay late fees?

You must have completed your Annual Declaration and your payment must have been cashed by the Order by 5 p.m. on March 31, 2017. This means that you must use a payment method that allows the Order to cash your payment by this deadline. You have several payment options: