Access to the reserved section and security

What is the best environment (device and browser) for accessing the reserved section?

We recommend that you use a computer or a tablet and Google Chrome to access the reserved section of the OIIQ website.

How can I create or recover my password?

The process for creating and/or recovering a password uses the best practices in terms of security, so as to protect access to your information.

Here is how it works:

How can I create a secure password?

For proper security, your password must now contain eight characters, including three of the following:

  • a lowercase letter
  • an uppercase letter
  • a number
  • a special character (*$-+?_&=!%{}/)

Is my personal information secure?

The update to the reserved section last year was an opportunity for us to ensure that we apply the best practices to protect your information in this section. To do so we changed the management of passwords, for greater security.