Can I deduct my assessment from my income taxes?

The amount of the assessment is generally deductible from both federal and provincial income taxes, unless it is paid by your employer. The OIIQ cannot comment on specific cases, however, and invites members to consult a tax professional to find out whether they can deduct the amount of their assessment from their income taxes.

Did the OIIQ make an effort to avoid indexing the assessment?

The Order is dedicated to managing its members’ collective assets with efficiency and transparency, and over the years has adopted various measures to ensure sound governance and good management practices. The volume of the Order’s activities is constantly growing, in particular requests for advice and information received and handled by the different departments. This has had an impact on the revenue required to keep the organization running smoothly.

In terms of sound management of resources, the Order has taken the following steps: 

Why does the amount of the assessment not depend on the number of hours worked?

Firstly, it is a matter of basic fairness to all members. It would be difficult to come up with objective criteria for exceptional cases in which someone could pay less than the annual assessment. From an administrative viewpoint, it would be complex and costly to evaluate all the requests for special consideration, given the number of OIIQ members.

Secondly, the financial impact of dividing up the assessment in this way would mean increasing other members’ assessments so as to guarantee the OIIQ the stable revenue it needs to operate.

Why can’t I pay the assessment in several instalments?

Under the current process for paying the assessment, the Order already has to keep track of more than 74,000 transactions, given the number of members. Allowing members to pay the assessment in several instalments would increase the Order’s management costs and add administrative fees for members.

What does the total amount payable include?

In addition to the annual assessment, the amount includes professional liability insurance, the contribution to the Office des professions du Québec, and taxes.

Why did the delegates vote in favour of indexing the assessment?

The delegates understood that indexing the assessment was required to ensure continuity in the Order’s operations, so that it can maintain its activities aimed at supporting and developing the nursing profession.

They also felt that annual indexation, in the form of gradual adjustments, was preferable to a sudden substantial increase to catch up later. Many members expressed this view, in fact, at the AGM or in messages to the Order.

How was the decision to index the assessment made?

n accordance with the Professional Code and the Nurses Act, the amount of the assessment was first set by the OIIQ Board of Directors, mainly by taking the Order’s obligations into account.