General information

Why create this new member category?

The Order had regularly been receiving requests from nurses wishing to maintain their links with the Order and use the title of Nurse even after retiring. To recognize their contribution to improving Quebeckers’ health, the OIIQ decided to introduce a new member category, as many other professional orders in Quebec have done. For the OIIQ and the next generation of nurses, it is important to maintain contact with retired nurses.

What title may I use with this status?

If you are part of this new member category, you may use only the title “Retired nurse”. 

Any person who uses the title of Nurse and who performs a professional activity reserved to nurses, without being entered on the Roll of the OIIQ as a member in good standing, commits an offence and is subject to penal proceedings for unauthorized use of the title of nurse and/or illegal practice of the profession.

What is the “inactive member” category?

It is a new category intended solely for retired nurses, who confirm that they are no longer performing any reserved professional activities, under section 36 of the Nurses Act, and who no longer hold a position requiring that they be a nurse.