Hours devoted to professional nursing activities

I’m not sure whether I can declare my hours. How can I calculate them?

If you are practising one of the 17 reserved activities, you are a nurse. Some categories of nurses who do not work directly with patients are nonetheless considered to be practising the nursing profession, e.g. research nurse, nurse in a pharmaceutical company, nursing care manager, nursing teacher (even if you do not supervise clinical internships), manager of a private residence, health care and services consultant, etc. 

Hours that can be declared:

How should I calculate my hours devoted to nursing practice?

Indicate all the hours devoted to professional nursing activities, but do not include any absences and work stoppages such as maternity, sick or unpaid leave, even if you have a position or have declared an employer. You cannot include hours as a natural caregiver or foster family. 

I get a message stating that I haven’t worked 500 hours over the past four years. That is incorrect – I practised nursing during those years. What should I do?

If you wish to update the information in your file, meaning that you will be making changes to previous declarations, the employer(s) concerned must send us proof of your employment during those periods by completing the Attestation of hours worked form, confirming the hours devoted to professional nursing activities and returning it directly to the Direction, Registrariat et examens at actualisation-br@oiiq.org.

Why do I have to enter the number of hours I practised nursing over the past year?

The Order uses the information entered in section 5, and in section 4 of the Annual Declaration, to identify members who may be subject to the Regulation respecting periods of refresher training and refresher courses nurses may be required to serve. Please answer these questions very carefully, to avoid administrative problems.