Retirement from the nursing profession

How do I tell the Order that I have retired?

To inform the OIIQ that you are retired, you must complete your Annual Declaration one last time, indicating an employment cessation date for all the employers in your file. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to enter a future date as your employment cessation date. If that is your case, you will have to update your online file once you actually leave your position, to tell us that you are now retiring. As soon as no employer is active in your member file, the “retired” option will appear in the “Not practising” section.

I am a retired nurse but I still work from time to time. How do I show this?

Many nurses remain active in the profession, even after retiring from their position with their main employer. After all, retired, particularly in the healthcare system, does not necessarily mean that you have retired from the profession. If that is your case, simply indicate your last date of employment with your main employer and declare your new activities, whether you are practising as a volunteer or for pay.