Updating your file

Why is it that every time I update my profile (e.g., change of address), I have to answer the question about criminal and disciplinary offences all over again?

Between the time you are entered on the Roll and the time your file is updated, you may have been convicted of a criminal, penal or disciplinary offence. The Order must be informed of this, for public protection, so that your case can handled in accordance with section 55.1 of the Professional Code.

I am no longer using my given first name or maiden name; how can I change this information in my correspondence with the Order?

In its correspondence, the Order uses your last and first names as they are shown on your birth certificate. If you want to make any changes, you must officially change your name by contacting the Bureau de l’état civil and mail us the original. It will be returned to you after your request has been processed. Some married women also use their husband’s name in addition to their own. If you wish to remove your husband’s name, simply submit a request online when completing your Annual Declaration or updating your file, in the reserved section.