Accéder à la profession

Professional examination

Two separate sessions of the professional examination will be held, on September 12 and 19, 2020.


In the light of recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to follow the distancing guidelines imposed by the public health authorities, the OIIQ has again had to change the date of the professional examination for CPNs and divide candidates into two separate groups. The exam will now be held on Saturday, September 12, and Saturday, September 19, 2020.

A notice will be sent to CEPI (CPNs) over the next few weeks.  Once they receive the notice, they can register in the “My account” section of the OIIQ website by July 29 at 4:30 p.m. After that date, no registrations will be considered, and anyone who fails to register by that date will get a “failure” mark. 

When they register, CPNs will be asked to indicate which date they prefer (either September 12 or September 19) and which site on the list. A limited number of places is available for each date and each site. Places will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. The OIIQ will try to respect the preferences of all candidates; however, we reserve the right to decide which date and site will be assigned to each person. About two weeks before the exam, CPNs will receive a confirmation of registration notice, including their assigned date and site.


À noter


En raison de la pandémie de la COVID-19, veuillez prendre note que nos bureaux sont présentement fermés et qu’aucun accès aux comptoirs de l’Ordre n’est possible. Le paiement des frais lié à l’inscription à l’examen des 12 et 19 septembre 2020 ne peut se faire que par carte de crédit. Aucun paiement par débit, ni en argent comptant ne seront acceptés. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.




Your matriculation must be valid and complete before you can register for the professional examination. If you have been convicted by a Canadian court of a criminal offence or your permit has been revoked by the disciplinary council of another professional order in Quebec or a professional organization outside Quebec, you have been struck from the Roll or your professional activities have been limited or suspended, you must so indicate on section 3 of the registration form.

We would also remind you that earning a degree from a nursing or nursing science program and passing the admission examination are conditions for obtaining a permit from the OIIQ, which means that even if you obtain a special authorization for the health emergency for students, you must obtain your degree in a program of study and pass the admission examination to practice nursing in Quebec after the emergency has been lifted, since the Règlement sur les conditions et modalités de délivrance des permis de l’Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec is still applicable despite the temporary measures put in place. You must have passed and completed your program of study to receive a notice to take the examination for admission to the nursing profession. You will not receive that notice until the OIIQ receives confirmation from your educational institution that you have obtained your degree. 


Contact us

For further information regarding your matriculation, please email us at

When to register

At the end of your training program: 

  • Your educational institution sends us a notice that you have successfully completed your program of study;
  • We email you information on how to register for the exam;
  • You are required to register for the professional examination every time you receive a notice. You have two years and three tries to pass the exam.

If you believe you are in a special situation that means you cannot register (for example, you obtained your degree outside Quebec and were granted equivalence less than 90 days before the date of the professional exam), please go to this page:  Failure due to not being registered, being absent or result.

2020 exam dates

The next exam will be held on September 12 and 19 in several regions of Quebec. The exam may be taken in French or English. Students who have special needs that require accommodation measures should mention their needs at the time of registration. 

When you register, you are required to indicate the site where you wish to take your exam. However, the final choice is at our discretion and will be made according to the number of places available. To respect physical distancing and public health guidelines, places are limited to 50 participants per exam site. 

Confirmation of registration 

About two weeks before the exam is held, your confirmation of registration, indicating the site, date, exam schedule and examination day procedures will be placed in the “My account” section.