Accéder à la profession

Failure due to not being registered, being absent or result

Everything you need to know about what to do if you fail the professional examination.

Three situations may lead to a failing mark

  • you did not attain a pass mark on the examination;
  • you did not register for the examination when you were required to do so;
  • you did not report for the examination.


If you fail the professional examination

  • You are entitled to take it two more times. You must do so within two years of the first examination session after you graduated or obtained your equivalence;
  • You must register for the professional examination whenever you are notified.

Applying for a review of your results

Compte tenu du fait que l’examen de septembre sera entièrement composé de questions à choix de réponse et que les réponses apparaissent dans une grille, laquelle sera corrigée électroniquement, il ne sera plus possible de demander la révision du résultat de l’examen puisqu’aucune interprétation des réponses ne sera effectuée. Chaque feuille de réponses est numérisée deux fois et les données saisies sont comparées pour assurer la qualité de la numérisation.

Grounds for cancelling a failure

If you fail the examination, you may have your failure cancelled if you meet one of these three conditions:

  • State of physical or mental health
    You must prove to the Order’s satisfaction that your physical or mental state at the time of the examination was such that you could not pass the examination.

You must provide a medical certificate.

  • Failure to register for or to report to the examination
    You must prove to the Order’s satisfaction that your failure to register for or report to the examination was justified by one of the following situations:

    • childbirth;
    • death of your father, mother, child or spouse;
    • a health problem concerning you; or
    • unavoidable circumstances, i.e. a serious, unforeseeable and unavoidable event beyond your control.

If you cite unavoidable circumstances, you must prove to the satisfaction of the Order that this situation prevented you from registering for or sitting the professional examination.

  • Equivalence granted less than 90 days before the date of the examination
    If you obtained your diploma outside Quebec and were granted equivalence less than 90 days before the date of the professional examination, you are allowed not to register for the professional examination.

If you decide to sit the examination, and fail it, you will not be able to request that the failure be cancelled on these grounds.

  • If you are completing a DEC-BAC program:

    You may skip the first session of the professional examination after obtaining your CEGEP diploma if you take at least 12 course credits for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree as part of the DEC-BAC integrated training program. However, keep in mind that the exercise of nursing activities during a DEC-BAC internship requires a licence to practise AND a valid registration on the OIIQ Roll. Please check the admission requirements of your educational institution for any restrictions that apply.

    You will be required to provide a certificate from your educational institution regarding your enrolment in the DEC-BAC program. In addition, you must register for the next session of the professional examination.

Procedure for requesting the cancellation of a failure

Complete the Request for cancellation of a failure on the professional examination form, which you received with your results on the professional examination. Attach the documents supporting your request, i.e.:

  • a birth certificate;
  • a death certificate accompanied by proof of your family relationship;
  • a marriage certificate;
  • a medical certificate; or
  • any other document supporting your request.

Requests not accompanied by supporting documents will not be analyzed.


Your request for cancellation of a failure on the professional examination must reach the Order no later than 60 days after:

  • the deadline for registering for the professional examination, if you did not register for the examination;

  • the date of the professional examination, if you did not report to the examination;

  • the date you received the professional examination results, if you sat the examination and received a failing mark.

Requests received after the deadline will not be accepted, unless you can prove to the Order’s satisfaction that you could not submit your request by the 60-day deadline.

Please note that your registration fees can't be reimbursed if you have done the examination, although your request to cancel your fail to the examination was approved. 


Refund of registration fees

If you paid your fees to register for the examination, but failed it for reasons considered valid, your registration fees will be refunded (less the administration costs incurred by the Order).


Applicable regulation

Conditions for the review of marks and cancellation of a failure are provided in the Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issue of permits by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (CQLR, c. I-8, r. 7.01).