Des mesures ont été mises en place en vue de favoriser la réussite de l’examen professionnel du 27 mars prochain. Les personnes candidates recevront une communication de l’OIIQ le mercredi 1er février en vue de s’y inscrire.


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Professional examination | Examination day

Everything you need to know about examination day

Pandemic health measures during the professional examination

Organizing and administering the professional examination during a pandemic requires stringent health measures to protect the health not only of candidates for the profession, but also of the staff running the exam. You must review them before examination day.



Time and location of examination

About two weeks before the exam is held, your confirmation of registration, indicating the site, date and schedule of the exam, will be placed in the My Account section.
You will be notified by email that the information has been added to your My Account section.

The professional examination is administered in two parts over a single day.


ID required


The name on the piece of identification must be identical to the name on your confirmation of registration. Otherwise, you are responsible for providing official documentary proof that the name in your file and the name on the piece of identification belong to the same person. If this applies to you, contact the Office of the Admissions and Registrar at before the examination date.

Arriving at the examination centre

Arrive 30 minutes before the time shown on your confirmation of registration to complete your check in. It is important that you be on time, since arriving after the start of the examination results in a failing mark. No late arrivals will be admitted.

When you register at the examination site, you will have to present one of these pieces of photo ID. It must be valid at the time you sit the examination.

  • Quebec health insurance card;
  • driver's licence from a Canadian province;
  • passport;
  • permanent resident card.

If you do not show valid identification, you will be deemed absent, since you cannot be admitted into the room where the professional examination is being held. Consequently, this will result in the failure of the examination, in accordance with section 11 of the Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the issue of permits by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (CQLR, chapter I-8, r.13).


Before the exam

  • Plan to go to the washroom before heading for the examination room;
  • Turn off all your electronic devices (e.g., cell phone ).
  • Bring a bottle of water and a light snack with you;
  • Bring a cold meal: not all the exam rooms have meal facilities.


During the examination


The professional examination is a written exam with 125 to 135 multiple choice questions based on 35 to 45 representative clinical nursing situations. The situations are representative of the nursing practice. Each clinical situation is worth 100 points, and the questions are weighted.

Before the  exam starts, you will be given the procedure to follow.


  • There are two examination booklets to be completed; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • During the exam, you may request to see a question in the other language (French or English).
  • There will be a 60-minute break between the two parts of the examination.
  • Remember: Arriving late to the examination results in an automatic failure.

Fraud and plagiarism: Note that registering for or writing the examination under false pretences or any attempt at fraud or plagiarism will result in an automatic failure.

Provided and prohibited items

Materials provided by the OIIQ

On your table, you will find the examination booklets along with a kit containing the following materials:

  • automatic pencil, with leads included
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • marker
  • earplug
  • calculator

Please note that a clock will be visible in each professional examination room.


Prohibited items

All personal effects other than a water bottle and a small snack must remain in your bag. You may not have any bag, coat, cell phone or watch at your table during the examination.

Your personal effects must be placed as instructed.
Please note that the OIIQ is not responsible for lost or stolen items at the examination site.