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Examination: accommodation measures

You are entitled to request accommodation measures, as stipulated under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (RSQ, section C-12).

To learn more about accommodation measures, visit the site of the

Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse.


When you register online for the professional exam, you are required to fill in the form and make sure that you have attached the supporting documents so that your request for accommodation can be considered: 

The Request for accommodation measures form, duly completed.

And one of the following 3 documents:

A report used to determine the adaptations required during your training, confirming the nature of your disability, related limitations and required accommodation measures;


The Medical certificate for request for accommodation measures form, duly completed by a health-care professional;

OR a doctor’s note including all the information from the Medical certificate for request for accommodation measures form: the diagnosis associated with your functional limitations, recommended accommodation measures, and details regarding your limitations and the recommended accommodation measures.

Files that do not include all the required documents will not be considered.

We reserve the right to communicate if necessary with the specialists who provided the information. Consultations with professionals, should they be needed, are at the student’s expense.

You may also request accommodation measures for religion reasons. In that case, you are required to provide a letter justifying the accommodations requested (with specific details).

Please include your documents with your online registration.


We may accept or reject any or all requested accommodation measures or accept them in part, in which case we will provide the necessary explanations. 


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