Accéder à la profession

Examination: Preparing for the professional examination

The OIIQ offers various resources designed to familiarize you with the form, content and process of the examination, as well as consolidating your knowledge. Find out about them here!

Si l’examen m’était conté, the video series (in French only)

The six capsules in this original series provide an overview of the professional examination in under 30 minutes.

Preparation Guide for the Professional Examination

The Guide presents clinical situations and sample questions for the exam, along with practical advice to help you prepare properly.

Other preparation strategies

  • Contact your educational institution or your employer to see if they offer preparation workshops for the exam.
  • Consolidate your knowledge and practice your clinical judgment. Talk to your colleagues and ask them about specific clinical decisions. You can learn a great deal from the experience of seasoned nurses.
  • Apply the stress management techniques you used when you were in training.
  • Make a realistic schedule for your exam preparation.
  • Remember to visit the Examination Day page on the OIIQ website to make sure you have all the documents you need for the day of the exam.