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Code of ethics of nurses

Code of ethics of nurses

This updated version of the Code of ethics of nurses more than ever reflects the dream we all share. It is the most extensive update of the past decade. It will give Quebec nurses the means to adapt our everyday practice to Quebecers’ new healthcare needs, as it now covers the authorization to prescribe, psychotherapy practice, the assessment of mental disorders, and the use of assessment tools and social media.

This document is not the official version. The texts having the force of law are those published in the Gazette Officielle du Québec (O.C. 1513-2002, 2003 G.O.2, 64; O.C. 579-2005, 2005 G.O.2, 2056 ; O.C. 497-2008, 2008 G.O.2, 2046; O.C. 836-2015, 2015 G.O.2, 2744, which came into force on October 22, 2015).



LANGUE / anglais

PAGES / 24


ISBN / 978-2-89229-671-6 (PDF)


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Code of ethics of nurses

Code of ethics of nurses